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120109_Radio commentary_Of Coral Reefs and Human Life_#922

Wisconsin Family Connection
Week of January 9, 2012 - #922
"Of Coral Reefs & Human Life"

A number of years ago I read an article in Parade Magazine, entitled “A Hidden, Vanishing World.”  I'm always drawn to pieces with such titles because I figure if nothing else I'll learn something about what and how the tree huggers in our culture think.  This article didn't disappoint me—and to this day I remember it in some pretty vivid detail.

This 3-page article dealt with America's coral reefs.  Author David Levy wrote about his first exploration of these undersea wonders, declaring that seeing one “was so completely different from anything else had experienced that felt had been whisked off to another universe.” He said, “The blaze of color in the undersea rocks and sea life was beyond description,” as he extolled the beauty of sea rocks and parrot fish.

Throughout the article Levy makes his case for preserving these natural wonders, including the idea that “reef byproducts might help us develop medicines to cure serious illnesses.”  Doesn't that have a familiar ring to it?  And, of course, we get a bullet-point listing of what humans can do—and should do—to protect our coral reefs.

I was making mental comparisons throughout the piece, but the last line solidified my thinking.  Levy quoted an employee with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as saying, “We have learned that there is life in every drop of water. It is life we cannot afford to waste.”

How is it we in this country can get so much right—and yet so much so very wrong?  We get inundated with environmental protection messages telling us how important “life” is—and then we have to fight to get any message out that says, “Hey, we agree with you—life is important—and God-given human life, is most important.  It certainly deserves at least as much protection as a coral reef, or a spotted owl, or a hump-back whale or a snail darter.”  I hope our Wisconsin state legislators agree with me as they consider some key pro-life bills during the remainder of this session. 

As the legislature reconvenes this month—the Sanctity of Human Life month—and begins its two-month sprint to the finish line, they have some great opportunities to show they are awed by the value of a human life. 

Republican Representative André Jacque from Bellevue and Republican Senator Glenn Grothman from West Bend have authored Assembly Joint Resolution 77, Wisconsin’s Personhood Amendment, which recognizes preborn babies as persons and grants them full protection from the moment of conception.  Rep. Jacque and Sen. Grothman have also authored Assembly Bill 386, a bill that bans organizations that perform abortions—think Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, here—from receiving taxpayer money under Wisconsin’s Well-Woman Program.  Jacque and Grothman team up again on Assembly Bill 214, a bill that bans the sale and use of aborted baby body parts. 

Republican State Senator Mary Lazich from New Berlin and Republican Representative Michelle Litjens from Oshkosh have authored a bill, Senate Bill 306, that would ensure women are not coerced into an abortion and would also ban webcam abortions in Wisconsin.  Republican Representative David Craig from Big Bend is preparing to introduce a bill that would prohibit all partial-birth abortions in Wisconsin, and Republican Senator Rich Zipperer from Pewaukee has introduced a bill, Senate Bill 92, that ensures that taxpayer money doesn’t cover abortions should Obamacare be implemented in our state.

Each of these bills in its own way respects the value of every human life. None of these bills is completely through the legislative process. Some haven’t even had a public hearing; some have a vote in one house but not the other.  What I know is that if the state legislature is interested in giving more than lip-service to being “pro-life,” then they need to move these bills forward—quickly.  We’ll know in a few weeks their real intentions.  Are they awed by human life or awed by politics? 

David Levy was awed by a live coral reef.  Maybe all our legislators and all the pro-abortion lobbyists need to take a exploration trip to the nursery at a local hospital and be reminded again of the wonder of a newborn baby and hear anew, in a different context, “it is life we cannot afford to waste.”  

This is Julaine Appling for Wisconsin Family Council reminding you the prophet Hosea said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”