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Wisconsin Family Connection
Week of November 8, 2010, #861

Great Challenges and Great Opportunities


“Great challenges bring great opportunities.” That’s been Governor-elect Scott Walker’s message this year as he’s campaigned for office in a state experiencing all of the painful manifestations of a horrible economy and a bad job market. The challenge he’s referring to, of course, is getting Wisconsin back on track economically, balancing the state budget and taking care of an over $2 billion deficit in the current budget. 

The Democratic Party had its chance in Wisconsin to foster an economic environment where jobs are being created, businesses want to move to WI and families want to stay in the Badger State. They failed miserably. In fact, their ill-advised policies and earmark-heavy state budget just made things worse. 

Now, thanks to a majority in both houses and Walker’s win in the governor’s office, the Republican Party has the opportunity to enact policies that encourage job growth and return some vitality to the economy in Wisconsin. 
But let’s not forget something very important.  Some polling that has come out since the election shows that “Evangelical Christians” comprised the single largest voting bloc last Tuesday night. 
Throughout the country, anti-marriage, anti-life incumbents were voted out of office last Tuesday night—by people like you and me. In Iowa, three State Supreme Court Justices up for a retention vote this year lost their seats, something that had never before happened in Iowa. All three of those justices foisted same-sex marriage on the state of Iowa via judicial fiat just two years ago. 
Concerned Women for America reports that 23 pro-life women won key House, Senate and gubernatorial races on Election Day. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s spending, taxing, abortion-funding U.S. House monopoly has been dethroned, and Pelosi is now seeking a new job as the House Minority Leader.
And then there’s our own state government, which flipped from a complete Democratic majority to a complete Republican one. We believe that it is a pro-life, pro-family majority. But we also know that we can’t sit by idly and hope our newly elected and reelected legislators will take care of everything and not do anything we’d disagree with.
Now is the time to make contact with your legislators. Be one of the first people to call and congratulate them on their win (even if you didn’t vote for him/her). Also—and this is critical—let them know you're praying for them and their families. Offer your support as they face a challenging, but promising, two-year legislative session. 
You may also want to tell them what kinds of bills and/or votes you're expecting to see from them. We expect our elected officials to address the economy, the budget deficit and government spending and expansion; but we also expect them to defend the sanctity of human life, promote the institution of marriage for the sake of our children, and strengthen the family unit. 
Whether you voted for your legislators or not, they will soon be taking an oath to support the constitution and to represent you.  It's your responsibility to hold your elected officials accountable--whether conservative or liberal. 
Stay informed.  We will be updating you on policy items, and you can follow what happens at the Capitol through email, TV, radio and Internet from various media/organizational sources.
Pray, as we said before.  Pray for those in authority over you.  
Our responsibility does not end with our vote. We Christian conservatives are known to our friends and our opponents as the people who vote…and go home. We go home when we win, and we go home when we lose. And what I mean by “go home,” is we check out after elections; we don’t stay engaged and involved. 
Of course, that doesn’t apply to all conservatives but by-and-large, that is the conservative voting blocs’ typical modus operandi. We cannot afford to check out after this election. We need to encourage our legislators to do the right thing—to stand for marriage, family, life and liberty.
Our state has many challenges right now, but they can become opportunities for courageous men and women to take a stand, do what is right, turn our state around economically and morally, and forge ahead creating a bright future for us and our children.
For Wisconsin Family Council, this is Julaine Appling reminding you the Prophet Hosea said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”