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120319_Radio Commentary_War on Women? You Must Be Kidding_#931

Wisconsin Family Connection
Week of March 19, 2012 – #931
“War on Women? You Must Be Kidding”

“You are declaring war on women!,” liberal state legislator after liberal legislator said on the floor of the Assembly and Senate this past month.  The oft-repeated mantra reached fever pitch last week when the Assembly was about to give the final needed vote to three particular bills.

The bills under consideration included SB 237, a bill that gives local school districts real choice about their sex ed program. The bill passed on a 60-34 vote, with all the Republicans and two Democrats voting for it. Under the new law these public schools will not have to live under the one-size-doesn’t-fit-all approach that Madison liberal elites forced on them last session.  Once the governor signs the bill into law, schools districts can implement strong abstinence programs, if they choose to do so, a choice every school district should be able to make.

The legislators, especially ones such as Representatives Chris Taylor, the former Public Policy Director for Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin and Kelda Helen Roys, the former executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin, claimed that this bill was a war on women because it would deny women students who are minors, I might add, information and potential access to drugs or devices that could prevent a pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease. 

These pro-abortion elected officials refuse to acknowledge that the best message we can give our young women is one that reminds them that abstinence until marriage is not only possible, it’s the only choice that comes with a guarantee of not short-circuiting their future.  That’s not waging war on women; it’s offering them the best protection possible. 

Another bill supposedly waging war on women is Senate Bill 92, the abortion opt-out bill, which the Assembly passed on a 60-34 vote last week.  This bill prohibits taxpayers from having to pay for elective abortions through health insurance that could be implemented if Obamacare is implemented in Wisconsin. But those who are determined that abortion is “health care” claimed poor women will be denied their “right” to an abortion. This bill doesn’t stop women from getting an abortion; it protects taxpayers—men and women—from having to pay for that life-taking procedure. To not pass such a bill would be to wage war on all pro-life taxpayers. It’s certainly not a war on women.

And then there is SB 306, which the representatives passed on a 60-33 vote last week, with two Democrats joining all the Republicans in the majority vote.  SB 306 requires certain actions on the part of an abortion provider to make sure, as much as possible, that a woman seeking an abortion is not being coerced into that decision.  In addition, the bill proactively prohibits “telemed” chemical abortions that allow a woman to be given the very powerful abortifacient RU-486, after an exchange with a doctor via a web cam.

Taking positive steps to ensure that women are not being bullied into an abortion is not only right, it is absolutely necessary. We know such coercion takes place; to deny that is to deny women their own experience.

And who can possibly think that a woman should be prescribed a potent medicine such as RU-486 without, at a minimum, an in-person discussion and exam?  Most doctors won’t even prescribe a pain pill without knowing—and examining—the patient. This is no war on women. This is about making sure women are protected at some of the most vulnerable times in their lives.

The majority party in the Assembly and the Senate have not waged war on women this session. That’s just liberal spin. The truth is they have taken some great steps to protect women.  All three of these bills show that.

 Quite honestly, only people who are determined to put women at risk and who want to profit from abortion would call what the state legislature has done this session a ‘war on women.’

All three of these bills are now with Governor Walker, waiting for him to sign them into law.  When he does, he too will be accused of “waging war on women,” and he will be no more guilty of that than are the representatives and senators who authored, co-sponsored and ultimately voted in favor of these bills.  No amount of liberal spin will change the truth on this issue.  War on women? You must be kidding.

This is Julaine Appling for Wisconsin Family Council reminding you the Prophet Hosea said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”