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Wisconsin Family Council's "Wisconsin Family Minute"—2013

"Wisconsin Family Minute"

"Wisconsin Family Minute" (WFM) is a daily program (M-F) designed for Christian radio. A single news item pertaining to marriage, family, life and liberty is featured each day in an effort to inform listeners so that they can pray, educate others, protect their family, or in some other way get involved in the important issues of our day.  Click here to go directly to WFM play list below.

"Wisconsin Family Minute" currently airs on the following Wisconsin stations/networks.  Other stations are in the process of being added.

The Family - at 6:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. on stations:

     WEMI 91.9-FM Appleton/Oshkosh, 101.7-FM Fond du lac, 101.7-FM Ripon

     WEMY 91.5-FM Green Bay, 96.5-FM Two Rivers/Manitowoc

89Q (89.5-FM) - Schofield at 10:30 a.m.

WWJC (AM 850) - Superior (unsure of time)

Q90 (90.1-FM) Green Bay, at 4:50 p.m.

VCY America Stations

    WVCY-FM 107.7-FM Milwaukee at 5:07 p.m.
    and on the following VCY America stations at approximately 3:35 p.m.:
    WVCX 98.9-FM Tomah                            WVCS 90.1-FM Owen
    WVCF 90.5-FM Eau Claire                       WEGZ 105.9-FM Washburn
    WVRN 88.9-FM Wittenberg                    WVFL 89.9-FM Fond du Lac
    WVCY 90.1-FM Monroe                         WVCX 92.1-FM Ripon
    WVCY 94.9-FM Sheboygan                    WVCX 89.5-FM Prairie du Chien
    WVCX 91.1-FM Madison/McFarland    WVCY-AM 690-AM Oshkosh

WSTM (91.3 FM - Plymouth & 103.3 FM - Sheboygan)  at 6:55 a.m., 11:55 a.m. and 4:25 p.m.

WRVM (102.7 FM Suring) at 7:00 p.m. M-F.



      DECEMBER 2013

  • A&E BACKPEDALS ON DUCK DYNASTY: Public relations tolerance campaign. December 31, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • PROPOSED LEGISLATION: Review Common Core every six years. December 30, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • UTAH COURT DECISIONS: Activist judges alive and well and active. December 26, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • A&E SUSPENSION OF DUCK DYNASTY STAR: Double standard of tolerance. December 23, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • APPLE LGBT MEET-UP APP: Tracks users 12 years old and up. December 20, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • CHOOSE LIFE LICENSE PLATES: In 29 states now—Wisconsin pending. December 19, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • UTAH POLYGAMY LAW RULING: Pandora's box is open. December 18, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • RESEARCH ON VIOLENCE: What keeps children safe? December 17, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • PLANNED PARENTHOOD: Tax dollars lifeline for abortion. December 16, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • GERMANTOWN SCHOOL BOARD: A good example of local control. December 13, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • FAMILY TALK MINISTRY: Facing crippling fines. December 12, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • COLORADO RULING: Warning to Christians? December 11, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • WAR ON CHRISTMAS: Who should care? December 10, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • ACLU v. CATHOLIC BISHOPS: Medical negligence at Catholic hospitals? December 9, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • INTACT FAMILIES & RELIGION: Effects on teens. December 6, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • APPELLATE COURT: Questions requirement of hospital admitting privileges for abortionists. December 5, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • REP. MOORE: Attacks Hobby Lobby's lawsuit challenging Obamacare. December 4, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • NEW YORK TIMES: Demise of traditional family?  December 3, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • WFC & WFA CHRISTMAS DISPLAYS IN CAPITOL ROTUNDA: A message of hope.  December 2, 2013 Listen (.mp3)

      NOVEMBER 2013

  • US DISTRICT COURT RULING: Pastors' housing tax breaks are unconstitutional. November 29, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • THANKSGIVING RESOLUTION: Harks back to 1789. November 27, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • PLANNED PARENTHOOD'S "TEEN HEALTH EDUCATORS": Removing parents from the discussion. November 26, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • GIVING CHILDREN A FOREVER FAMILY: The Rosati story. November 25, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • COURT OF APPEALS DECISION: Administration abortion pill mandate "unsound and extraordinary." November 22, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • OBAMACARE: Penalizes married couples. November 21, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • FOND DU LAC CITY COUNCIL DECISION: Example of the multiplied power of one. November 20, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • ADULT STEM CELL RESEARCH: Successes untouted by mainstream media. November 19, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • GALLUP POLL: Marriage and the economy. November 18, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • SENATOR BALDWIN & LIBERAL PROGRESSIVES: Waging war on women. November 15, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • FOND DU LAC CITY COUNCIL: Pulls gender identity proposal. November 14, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE: Moves pro-life bills to Assembly floor. November 13, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • FATHERLESSNESS IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY: Who's responsible? November 12, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • US SENATE PASSES ENDA: From non-discrimination to special protection. November 11, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • STATE SENATE HEALTH COMMITTEE: Passes two pro-life bills. November 8, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • ILLINOIS LEGISLATURE: Traditional marriage bites the dust. November 7, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • US SUPREME COURT: Will rule on public prayer. November 6, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • US SUPREME COURT: Refuses to protect women from abortion-causing drug. November 5, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • SILENT NO MORE: Abortion affects fathers too. November 4, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • WHITE RIBBON AGAINST PORNOGRAPHY: Awareness and education for public. November 1, 2013 Listen (.mp3)

      OCTOBER 2013

  • SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC AGENDAS: A double helix. October 31, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • EXPLODING FOOD STAMP PROGRAM: Feeds entitlement mentality. October 30, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • FOND DU LAC CITY COUNCIL: Dangerous, politically correct ordinance. October 29, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • REDEFINING FAMILY: What price equality, tolerance and diversity? October 28, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • WI SUPREME COURT: Hears oral arguments in same-sex domestic partner registry challenge. October 25, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • GOVERNOR WALKER AND kENOSHA CASINO: Little reason to hope? October 24, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • FAMILY RESEARCH REPORT: Complementarity of marriage worth defending. October 23, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • ANTI-BULLYING PROGRAMS: Not what they seem. October 22, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • ECUADOR'S PRESIDENT: A pro-life hero and statesman. October 21, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • WISCONSIN BUDGET SURPLUS: On the right track? October 18, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • TEENS AND VIDEO GAMES: What role for parents? October 17, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • TEXAS PLANNED PARENTHOODS CLOSE: What effect on Texas teen pregnancy rates? October 16, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • STATEWIDE COMMON CORE STATE STANDARDS HEARINGS: Chance for citizen input. October 15, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • CANADIAN STUDY OF HOUSEHOLD ECONOMICS: Children disadvantaged in certain households. October 14, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • FATHERS: Protection, safety, sacrifice. October 11, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • GREEN BAY PACKERS: Pretty in pink?? October 10, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • LGBT HISTORY MONTH: In public schools nationwide. October 9, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • WAUSAU SCHOOL DISTRICT: A muted Christmas this year at best. October 8, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • OBAMACARE EXCHANGES: Huge marriage penalty. October 7, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • US HOUSE AMENDS CONTINUING RESOLUTION: What about religious freedom? October 4, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • KANSAS SCHOOL BOARD: School prayer can return. October 3, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • HUDSON TO MADISON: Indoctrination alive and well. October 2, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • HIGH TEEN STD RATE: An answer to the epidemic. October 1, 2013 Listen (.mp3)

      SEPTEMBER 2013

  • CUT IN FOOD STAMPS APPROVED; Another part of the story. September 30, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • PROPOSED LANDMARK LEGISLATION: No tax discrimination through federal tax code. September 27, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • WEEKLY WORKSHIP AND INTACT MARRIAGES: Relate to society. September 26, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • HISTORY TEXTBOOK: Revisionism alive and well in Texas. September 25, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • BALDWIN & POCAN LEGISLATION: Federal marriage benefits for same-sex domestic partners. September 24, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING: Don't think it can't happen in Wisconsin. September 23, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • US CONSTITUTION: Drafters were no politicians. September 18, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • BBC DOCUMENTARY: RAVAGES OF DIVORCE. September 17, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • CONDITIONS FOR NEW CASINO CONSTRUCTION: Still not a good bet. September 16, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • FAITH, FREEDOM AND PUBLIC SCHOOLS: A liberating seminar for teachers. September 13, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • STUDY OF BABIES IN UTERO: Surprising results. September 12, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • WED-LEASE VERSUS MARRIAGE: Bad idea. September 11, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • APPLETON HOUSING RULES: New categories added. September 10, 2013 Listen(.mp3)
  • "UNDER GOD": Maybe not in Massachusetts. September 9, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • FATHERS AND SONS: What about fatherless boys? September 6, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • ARE GENDERS IDENTICAL? Appreciate strengths. September 5, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • WI ABORTION NUMBERS DECLINE: Surgical abortion numbers increase. September 4, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • JOINT FEDERAL TAX RETURNS FOR MARRIED SAME-SEX COUPLES: What about state tax returns? September 2, 2013 Listen (.mp3)


      AUGUST 2013

  • CHURCH ATTENDANCE: Link to successful marriages and families? August 30, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • NEA "SOCIAL JUSTICE PATRIOTS": What does it mean? August 29, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • DECLINE IN PRIVATE SCHOOL ENROLLMENT IN WI: Contributing factors. August 28, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • WI ECONOMIC GROWTH: Good news for families. August 27, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • MARRIAGE RATE IN WI: Small reversal in dangerous trend. August 26, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • ABORTIONS IN WI: Good news for once. August 23, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • PUBLIC HEARING ON WI RELIGIOUS FREEDOM AMENDMENT: An important first step. August 22, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • WELL-BEING OF CHILDREN: Time and attention, not money, important. August 21, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • FDA STUDY:  Caffeine but not emergency contraception? August 20, 2013 Listen(.mp3)
  • WI VOUCHER SCHOOL: Why aren't more sectarian? August 19. 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • PEW RESEARCH POLL ON ROLES OF FATHERS AND MOTHERS: What is good for children? August 16, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • ABORTION LAWS:  Morality versus the common good? August 15, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • CHANGE IN BOY SCOUTS MEMBERSHIP POLICY: Troop-sponsoring churches, beware! August 14, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • CHALLENGE TO WI DOMESTIC PARTNERSHIP REGISTRY: Initial brief filed with WI Supreme Court. August 13, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • SURVEY OF VOTERS BY RASMUSSSEN REPORTS ON EDUCATION: Good return on investment? August 12, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • EFFORT TO OVERTURN BAN ON GAY MEN DONATING BLOOD: What effect on blood supply?  August 9, 2103 Listen (.mp3)
  • LEADING ECONOMIC INDICATORS REPORT: Good news for WI. August 8, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • IRS HARASSMENT CONTINUES: Attempts to bully pro-life groups. August 7, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • NEW RESEARCH ON DIVORCE: Physical and mental health effects. August 6, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • WI PRO-LIFE GROUPS: Funding and message. August 5, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • POTTER'S SYNDROME BABY DEFIES ODDS: An example and encouragement.  August 2, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • REPORT THAT YOUNG PEOPLE IDENTIFY AS RELIGIOUS MODERATES: What effect on politics and society?  August 1, 2013 Listen (.mp3)


      JULY 2013

  • RASMUSSEN REPORT SURVEY ON AMERICANS' MARRIAGE VIEWS: At odds with elitist drumbeat.  July 31, 2103  Listen (.mp3)
  • NATION'S LARGEST ABORTION PROVIDER SETTLES MEDICAID FRAUD CASE:  The tip of the iceberg?  July 30, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • BREADWINNER MOMS: A case for marriage.  July 29, 2013  Listen (.mp3)
  • GREEN BAY ABORTION CLINIC TO CLOSE: An answer to prayer?  July 26, 2013  Listen (.mp3)
  • "WISCONSIN" STATUE ATOP STATE CAPITOL TURNS 99: What does "Forward" state motto mean?  July 25, 2013  Listen (.mp3)
  • MOST SAY CHURCHES IMPORTANT TO COMMUNITIES: Strong churches=healthy community.  July 24, 2013  Listen (.mp3)
  • GOV'T INVOLVED WITH MARRIAGE BECAUSE KIDS NEED MOMS & DADS: J. Kennedy is wrong.  July 23, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • PRO-LIFE MEASURES PASSING NATIONWIDE & IN WI: Appropriately regulating a life-taking, life-changing procedure.  July 22, 2013  Listen (.mp3)
  • GOOD MARRIAGES PAY GREAT PERSONAL BENEFITS, INCLUDING HEALTH: Great idea for containing health care costs in WI.  July 19, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH PARENTS HELPS FUTURE RELATIONSHIPS FOR TEENS: Parents really do matter.  July 18, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • WI PERSONHOOD AMENDMENT INTRODUCED: WI needs both incremental & personhood efforts.  July 17, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • FAMILY INFLUENCE MATTERS TO TEENS MENTAL HEALTH: Parents make a difference.  July 16, 2013  Listen (.mp3)
  • IT'S TIME TO INSPECT WI'S ABORTION CLINICS: Let's prevent a Gosnell repeat.  July 15, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • STUDENTS FOR LIFE MEET PLANNED PARENTHOOD PROTESTERS: Taking up the pro-life mantle.  July 12, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • CONTENTMENT AND QUALITY OF FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS: Are they related?  July 11, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • PRO-ABORTIONISTS CHANT "HAIL SATAN": Showing their true colors?  July 9, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • FREEDOM FROM RELIGION WANTS SCOUTS TO TAKE ATHEISTS: Slippery slope rules again. July 8, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • OVERALL STATE BUDGET GOOD FOR FAMILIES: Marriage tax penalty not addressed. July 5, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • WI A GOOD PLACE FOR KIDS: A trend that needs to continue.  July 3, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • EXPLOSION OF FOOD STAMP RECIPIENTS:  Bad news for families.  July 2, 2013  Listen (.mp3)
  • MARRIAGE RATE AT LOWEST POINT IN 100 YEARS: Reflects culture; what about the future?  July 1, 2013 Listen (.mp3)

      JUNE 2013

  • US SUPREME COURT MARRIAGE DECISIONS:  No death knell for marriage after all.  June 28, 2013  Listen (.mp3)
  • POLITICAL ACTIVISM AND SOLID VALUES:  Not incompatible for Marquette University senior.  June 27, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • OVERSCHEDULING CHILDREN: Impact on family time.  June 26, 2013  Listen (.mp3)
  • ABORTION RESTRICTIONS:  Akin to the Taliban?  June 25, 2013  Listen (.mp3)
  • WI SUPREME COURT: Will it protect the WI Constitution?  June 24, 2013  Listen (.mp3)
  • STEVENS POINT CITY COUNCIL VOTE: Real consequences of an election.  June 21, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • FEDERAL RULING ON "EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTION" STANDS: Where is protection for young women?  June 20, 2013  Listen (.mp3)
  • PRO-LIFE BILLS: Moving WI in the right direction.  June 19, 2013  Listen (.mp3)
  • JUNE GAY PRIDE PARADES:  Just innocent celebrations?  June 18, 2013  Listen (.mp3)
  • MARRIAGE REDEFINED:  Inevitable?  June 17, 2013  Listen (.mp3)
  • MARRIAGE AS UNEQUAL, UNFAIR, UNHAPPY:  Who says? June 14, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • STATEWIDE SCHOOL CHOICE PROGRAM: Limited expansion. June 13, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • PROPOSED APPEAL OF COURT-ISSUED INJUNCTIONS: Court can't trump legislature. June 12, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • SCHOOL VOUCHERS: Do they penalize two-parent families?  June 11, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • ABORTIONS BASED ON RACE OR GENDER: Does the ACLU approve? June 10, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • SONJA'S LAW: Lifesaving ultrasound.  June 7, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • INTACT MARRIAGES: Good for children, good for future marriages.  June 6, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • PRO-LIFE SOCIAL CAMPAIGN: Planned Parenthood makes it personal.  June 5, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • TAX CUTS GOOD NEWS FOR FAMILIES: Good for Wisconsin.  June 4, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • US SUPREME COURT: Indiana tax dollars to Planned Parenthood to continue. What about Wisconsin? June 3, 2013 Listen (.mp3)

     MAY 2013 
  • GRADUATION DAY PRAYER: No separation of church and state. May 31, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL "SWITCH IT UP DAY": Just for fun?  May 30, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • COMMON CORE STANDARDS:  Voluntary for states.  Really?  May 29, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • FREQUENT FAMILY DINNERS: Better for teens.  May 28, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • RELIGIOUS LIBERTY IN WI: State constitutional amendment proposed. May 27, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • TUITION TAX CREDIT: Bill introduced to help WI parents with education costs. May 24, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • CHOOSE LIFE: A new WI license plate proposed. May 23, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • GAY PRIDE PARADE: A first for Wausau.  May 22, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • AMENDMENT TO US CONSTITUTION PROPOSED:  "The Right to Vote." May 21, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • WI ASSEMBLY:  Limited junk food for Foodshare recipients. May 20, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • PEW RESEARCH POLL:  Increase in number of young adults favoring same-sex "marriage."   May 17, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • SAME-SEX "MARRIAGE" NOW LEGAL IN MN: MN governor signs bill into law. May 16, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • VICTORY FOR COMPANY IN LAWSUIT AGAINST HHS MANDATES: Tyndale House prevails.  May 15, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • "ELLA" APPROVED FOR OVER-THE-COUNTER DISTRIBUTION: Young girls can get powerful abortifacient. May 14, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • CONGRESSMAN SEAN DUFFY (R-WI) CALLS OUT MEDIA ON GOSNELL TRIAL:  Pro-life advocate Duffy takes the House floor with a strong message. May 13, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • WISCONSIN FAMILY ACTION SENDS LETTER TO CONGRESSMAN PAUL RYAN: "What do you really believe is best for children"?  May 10, 2013  Listen (.mp3)
  • WI REPUBLICANS SAY WON'T CHANGE PRINCIPLES: Very clear on limited government & free enterprise but perhaps not so clear on marriage, family, life and liberty.  May 9, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • REAL AGENDA OF HOMOSEXUAL ACTIVISTS EXPOSED: Destroy marriage.  May 8, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • REPUBLICAN ELECTED OFFICIALS SWITCH RATHER THAN FIGHT FOR MARRIAGE: Two states take steps to legalize same-sex "marriage" with  help of Republican lawmakers.  May 7, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • RESIDENTS OF MORRISON WIN: WI Institute for Law & Liberty successfully defends right of residents to put signs on their own property. May 6, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • MKE SAYS NO TO VOUCHER/CHARTER SCHOOLS: Mayor says voucher & indep. charter schools can't buy old school buildings.  May 3, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • FREEDOM FROM RELIGION LOSES TO NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER--AGAIN: Liberty Counsel successfully defends an NDP event from threats by Madison-based FFRF. May 2, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • UW OBJECTS TO "BABY BODY PARTS" BILL: Officials claim state profits from sale/use of aborted baby body parts.  May 1, 2013 Listen (.mp3)

    APRIL 2013

  • SCHOOL CHOICE EXPANSION IN STATE BUDGET: Some senators objecting; others say they will only vote for the budget if it includes substantial expansion of school choice.  April 30, 2013 Listen  (.mp3)
  • HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES GOOD FOR WI: More graduates equals better economy.  How does the family structure impact this? April 29, 2013  Listen (.mp3)
  • LGBT "SAFE ZONE" IN RACINE, WI: LGBT "safe zone" celebrates 4 yrs in Racine. What's the truth? April 26, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • AFRICAN-AMERICAN MARRIAGES: Some say marriage in Milwaukee's African-American community is nonexistent. April 25, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • MARRIAGE/DOMA OK'D BY OK: OK legislature affirms marriage & DOMA, as Supreme Court deliberates on cases. April 24, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • CONSERVATISM BASHED: Crossword puzzle in WI public school causes parental concern. April 23, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • WHO'S TO BLAME FOR GOSNELL ATROCITIES? NARAL Pro-Choice says those who have restricted abortion access.  April 22, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • STATE REP. ANDRÉ JACQUE: Introduces wrongful death bill in State Assembly.  April 19, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • JOHNS HOPKINS SAYS NO TO PRO-LIFE STUDENT GROUP: School doesn't believe its own motto? April 18, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • KANSAS PASSES STRONG PRO-LIFE MEASURES: Wisconsin also set to do likewise this session.  April 17, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • PM MARGARET THATCHER LAID TO REST: World says good bye to a true conservative leader.  April 16, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • DAY OF SILENCE THIS FRIDAY: Program to normalize and gain acceptance for homosexuality in public schools.  April 15, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • MARRIAGE GAP ALIGNED WITH INCOME GAP: 7 culprits identified as causing dangerous decline in marriage. April 12, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • STUDENTS AT GW UNIV CALL FOR REMOVAL OF CATHOLIC PRIEST: Homosexual students want priest removed. April 11, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • WHICH COMES FIRST? BABY OR MARRIAGE? Study shows we have it backwards and consequences are dire. April 10, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • VA RESTRICTS TAXPAYER MONEY TO PAY FOR ABORTIONS UNDER OBAMACARE: Wisconsin passed a similar law last year.  April 9, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • WI BUSINESS CLIMATE IMPROVING: Moving up in rankings for best places in US to do business.  April 8, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • IOWA HOMOSEXUAL ACTIVISTS SAY SOCIAL CONSERVATIVES LOSING GROUND: Use seminar to advance political gains April 5, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • ROGGENSACK WINS STATEWIDE ELECTION TO 2ND TERM ON HIGH COURT: Victory keeps "conservative majority" on WI Supreme Court April 4, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • NOTED COMMENTATOR SAYS DOMA/PROP 8 CASE ATTACK ON RELIGIOUS LIBERTY: Those who oppose will be taken to court on the basis of being bigots.  April 3, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • FL LEGISLATURE HEARS PLANNED PARENTHOOD ENDORSE POST-BIRTH ABORTION:  Rep. Daniel Davis (R) (a former student of Wisconsin Family Council's president, Julaine Appling) asks pointed question.  April 2, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • SAME-SEX MARRIAGE BEFORE US SUPREME COURT: Decision could have bearing on WI's Marriage Protection Amendment that WFC took leadership to get passed in 2006.  April 1, 2013 Listen (.mp3)

    MARCH 2013
  • ND SENATE PASSES NATION'S FIRST PERSONHOOD AMENDMENT:  Simliar to the personhood amendment being proposed in WI, this effort recognizes the humanity of the preborn.  March 29, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • THOMAS MORE LAW CENTER FILES CHALLENGE TO HHS OBAMACARE MANDATE: For-profit company challenging restrictions on its religious freedom.  March 28, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • GOP PLATFORM OPPOSES SAME-SEX MARRIAGE: Will GOP leadership uphold platform? March 27, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • STARBUCKS' CEO DISSES SUPPORTERS OF TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE: "Take your business elsewhere."  March 26, 2013 Listen (.mp3)
  • CRITICISM OF DPI PROGRAM "CREATE WISCONSIN": "Peddles racial guilt"  March 25, 2013 Listen (.mp3)